The Importance of People-Based Advertising

elearningDescribed as the future of digital marketing, people-based advertising is taking centre stage.

This form of advertising reaches people instead of cookies across devices and channels.

In 2014 with the introduction of Facebook’s Custom Audiences, people-based advertising came to the fore with a survey proving that the popularity of this type of advertising is rising.

In an article on 8 reasons are given for advertisers to adopt this people-based advertising method.

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Study Shows Ad-blocking on The Rise


According to a study, more and more consumers are turning on ad-blockers, so advertisers need to adjust their strategies to be seen.

Email and sponsored advertising are getting the most neutral experiences with consumers when it comes to digital advertising, according to a new report.

According to the research, eighty per cent of consumers across Australia, South East Asia and New Zealand are avoiding websites with interruptive online ads. And the trend is global.

Read about the study here.


What You Need to Know About The Instagram Changes

instagramInstagram changes are due to be implemented soon and they are expected to be good for content but bad for brands.

While some people have predicted that the changes signal the end of Instagram, experts say the new platform will reward creative content.

Many are asking whether this is the push many brands need to move over to Snapchat. Snapchat has been hailed as the social media of the future.


More Money Spent on Internet Ads than TV Ads

tech deveAs you may have already realised, internet advertising is slowly taking dominance over the advertising industry.

Business globally will be spending more on internet connections as more advertising is done on the internet instead of the television.

Internet advertising is expected to expand at 3 times the time of traditional advertising forms, the writer predicted. Source:


Innovative Agency Uses Webcam For student ID

Recently innovative elearning agency Urban E-Learning announced an initiative they have taken to improve the fraud reduction in their online courses.  It involves the use of a webcam which takes photos of the students face and ID documents for initial ID verification, and further it takes snapshots of the student doing the course and assessment online.

Realistic web camera icon on white background-200px
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The announcement was made on the blog of one of their signature courses, the so called “Construction White Card course”  and in the article the agency explains they are already using the system to streamline the process their students need to go through in order to get a replacement White Card.

View the article here to read the details.


Award-winning Agency Lets Employees Work Outside

outdoor workersWorking outside has been known to boost productivity and improve company culture especially among creatives, which is probably why one leading advertising agency is allowing employees to work outside.

The award winning advertising agency has offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Newcastle and Auckland and recently implemented “the fresh air project”. They say they’re already seeing payoffs.

The initiative encourages employees to work outside if they want to a change of scenery or want to brainstorm with clients.

This strategy energised staff and results in greater productivity, the company’s founder and chief executive said.


Creative Advertising Agencies Providing Tech Solutions to Their Clients

tech deveAn article on  recently questioned seven advertising industry executives on their views about how traditional creative advertising agencies are taking on technology solutions for the brands they represent.

More and more creative agencies that use to rely on television commercial creativity are venturing into technology related projects to help brands connect with their audiences and increase revenue.

Interestingly this trend is also impacting hiring needs.

Some traditional advertising agencies are taking on a leadership role when it comes to the development of technology solutions for their brands.


Twitter Turned on its New Algorithmic Timeline for Everyone

twitterTwitter has turned on its new algorithmic timeline for everyone, having started with the rollout as early as March 15.

There were fears this would spark the end of platform but its basically just an updated version of the ‘while you were away’ feature.

If you don’t like the feature, you’ll have to switch it off, rather than on – meaning you “opt-out” if you’re not interested.

Only time will tell if users are as optimistic about the changes as Twitter themselves.


Keys to Successful Blended Learning

elearningWe can probably all agree that blended learning is the way of the future for education and the age at which blended learning begins is getting younger and younger.

It’s important that educators are careful about how technology is introduced into the classroom because as a post on recently pointed out, this could mean the difference between calm and chaos.

The article highlights that in order for blended learning to be successful, you have to set up the right infrastructure first.

Many schools make the mistake of introducing technology without first having a well considered IT network. Find out more at

What You Need to Know About Starting A Web Development Company

web development

For anyone starting a web development company, getting the right arsenal of tools is crucial to success which is why an article on is useful.

The post includes useful guide of free tools that you may find useful, as the writer of the post did.

WordPress is one of the most user-friendly, flexible platforms to develop web apps rather than building them yourself. Other tools suggested include Code Academy, Udemy, Make School and NYCDA to learn popular language such as JavaScript.

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