Former rugby player Lote Tuqiri – founder of Hoozu

Influencer marketing is the faster growing online form of customer acquisition, with organic search and email marketing fading.

According to a US study, businesses are making $6.50 for every $1 spent on influencer marketing. HooZu is a start-up influencer agency which is taking advantage of that fact.

The company has released technology identifying the most influential social media personalities in Australia.

This is an easy way to identify and measure how effective social media influencer marketers are. It helps brands find influencers that are best connected to them and measure the impact they have on sales and brand awareness.

Source: http://anthillonline.com/start-co-founded-former-australian-rugby-international-lote-tuqiri-linking-tech-social-media-talent/

Start-up Influencer Agency HooZu Links Tech with Social Media Talent
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