social-mediaTax and accounting agencies often struggle with social media marketing mainly because successful strategies take time and resources. Regular posting and engagement are key to a successful social media marketing plan, like we see from Apsley Small Business Accountants NBC.

Why is Social Media Marketing Important for Accountants?

Social media marketing is important because clients’ research and buying is increasingly taking place online and on social media platforms in particular.

Buyers looking for tax agencies and accountants are likely to search for service providers on these platforms, which is why tax and accounting firms need a strong social media presence.

The top reasons to focus on social media marketing include:

  • To successfully retain clients, social media marketing is an important element, together with email.
  • 91 per cent of millenials use Facebook, while the 45-54 age group is the fastest growing user group on the platform.
  • According to research from Buffer, 47 per cent of people have made a purchase based on a positive Twitter recommendation.
  • A huge percentage of social-media driven visits to company websites are from LinkedIn.

Why Do Tax and Accounting Firms Find Successful Social Media Marketing A Challenge?

Many accountants struggle with this form of marketing because they are relying on the old way of doing things, marketing through traditional streams alone and relying heavily on networking. As a result firms are missing out on opportunities to create brand awareness and generate traffic for their website.

It is also an excellent way to generate leads and engage with existing clients to retain their business.

Another major reason tax and accounting firms battle with social media is that it requires regular, good quality content to be successful. Many firms don’t allocate the time and resources to consistently generate good content. The bottom-line is that whether its a video or well written article, regularly posted, quality content is crucial to a successful marketing strategy.

Another reason companies in the accounting sphere may be battling with social media marketing is that they focus on selling instead of providing useful content. Content should entertain and be helpful rather than just pitch the firm’s services. It should also have an emotional impact on the audience, the needs of the audience should be the primary focus.

To improve social media marketing, tax and accounting firms should do as Northern Business Consultants have done and incorporate the most popular social media platforms.

It’s important to not focus solely on words, visual elements increase engagement drastically. This is one of the strategies practiced by Northern Business Consultants, who incorporate inspiring infographics and motivational quotes with imagery onto their social media pages, together with reviews and client ratings and other useful advice.

The company also occasionally reposts useful and relevant articles from around the web, which is a good way of providing the audience with good, useful content even when time and resources are limited.







The Social Media Battle for Tax and Accounting Agencies