BILLAn interesting article on raised the question, why aren’t we in the advertising¬†industry better at advertising ourselves?

The state of the advertising industry has led to long time leaders in the industry leaving because so many agencies are circling for a small amount of business.

We need to promote respect for Intellectual Property again so that it can once again be valued, but this is easier said than done.

Tight margins, competitiveness and more stringent performance metrics is the prevailing environment in business today.

An article on recently highlighted that the industry has lost its way when it comes to valuing IP and it needs to “take its own medicine”.

The writer says the way agencies are setting up client contracts is a problem.

Giving away free work in an effort to undercut our competitors is prevalent instead of treating the product as the thing that ultimately sets us apart.



Why Aren’t we Better at Advertising Ourselves?