Advertising Agencies Struggle with Instagram Engagement


Instagram is one of those social media platforms that remains a challenge for advertising agencies, remaining at the bottom of the industries on Instagram by average engagement with their audience, according to the second local analysis by Online Circle Digital.

The agency’s Instagram Performance Report examined more than 550 Australian brands and influencers by followers and engagement from January 1st to March 31st.

A few of the marketing agencies that increased their follower growth were Ogilvy, OMD, Isobar and Cummins & Partners but their average engagement rate still lags behind when compared with other industries and brands.

The leading Australian brands on Instagram are surfwear brands like Quiksilver, Billabong, Volcom Stone and Rip Curl Australia. 

Why Aren’t we Better at Advertising Ourselves?

BILLAn interesting article on raised the question, why aren’t we in the advertising industry better at advertising ourselves?

The state of the advertising industry has led to long time leaders in the industry leaving because so many agencies are circling for a small amount of business.

We need to promote respect for Intellectual Property again so that it can once again be valued, but this is easier said than done.

Tight margins, competitiveness and more stringent performance metrics is the prevailing environment in business today.

An article on recently highlighted that the industry has lost its way when it comes to valuing IP and it needs to “take its own medicine”.

The writer says the way agencies are setting up client contracts is a problem.

Giving away free work in an effort to undercut our competitors is prevalent instead of treating the product as the thing that ultimately sets us apart.



Global Online Giants Reinforcing the Death of Newspapers

newsWith news that online advertising is worth three times more than print, it seems Australian newspapers cannot escape the death of print.

There are a number of factors driving the death but this has led to newspaper advertising falling 40 per cent in 5 years to $2.4 billion.

Data shows that online advertising is worth $6billion and is growing at 25 per cent annually.

Over the past 2 years, redundancies at Fairfax has cost the company $70million.

These trends aren’t restricted to Australia alone, they’re global, newspapers are battling against the reign and dominion of online advertising worldwide.


Digital Advertising in Europe Led by Mobile

digital adsA recent report indicates that mobile is the fastest growing digital advertising channel across Europe, as it is in many parts of the world including in Australia.

Spending on digital advertising is big in Europe, bigger than TV spending in fact and the UK is the continent’s biggest digital advertising market. Around Euro 11.8 billion was spent online in 2015.

Why is this important? Well this is significant because it indicates that mature markets such as The UK are still growing.

Mobile display ad spend is up a massive 60 per cent on the previous year, outperforming desktop in all but two of the 27 markets reviewed.  Read more at


Renewed Confidence in Television Advertising

tvIn an interesting article on the renewed confidence in television advertising has come to the fore, with many advertisers becoming frustrating with online advertising and the difficulty in measuring it’s effectiveness.

An overriding concern has become how to measure digital media especially for the US advertising industry as the big online platforms like Google and Facebook face a growing crisis about traffic fraud, ad viewability and “rubbery” audience statistics.

In the US and The UK television advertising is becoming more powerful because everyone accepts that it still works and the article highlights that in Australia the problem is that people are more obsessed with the new rather than the effective methods.

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Google Biggest Media Company by 166 Per Cent


Photo Source: Zenith

Google is officially the biggest media company in the world, followed by The Walt Disney Company, no surprise there. But what is surprising is the margin by which Google took the lead – 166 per cent.

The Chinese search giant Baidu is the second fastest growing media company falling just behind Facebook, according to a report by media agency Zenith.

Baidu’s media revenue grew by 52% over the last year and Facebook’s by 65 per cent for the year.

Alphabet, Google’s parent company copany is 166per cent bigger than Walt Disney is second in terms of media revenue. Walt Disney grew 17 per cent year on year and is worth $60bn.


Learn How to Deliver Future-Focused Digital Advertising

digital marketing adsA post on recently highlighted 3 ways that you can ensure you deliver future-focused digital advertising. Digital advertising can survive and thrive, despite some predicting its subsequent death.

Its important that marketers resolve to create better experiences consumers won’t want to opt out of by executing more intelligently using processes and tools at our disposal.

  1. Make the most of mobile with native advertising
  2. Turn connected devices into powerful video canvas
  3. Use data targeting to extend lifetime value

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Google’s Global Ban on Payday Loans

googleGoogle recently announced its plan to ban all payday loan ads from its site following criticism that they exploit the most vulnerable of the population. These loans typically exploit the poor by offering immediate cash with sky high interest rates.

The ban is the first time the search giant announced a global ban on ads for a wide category of financial products. In the past Google has only prohibited illicit activity advertisements such as selling drugs, explosives, guns or advertisements that are explicit in nature.

Facebook is another tech company that doesn’t display advertisements for payday loans. Source:


Keys To Driving a Successful Performance Advertising Campaign

advertisingAs the market becomes more and more flooded with increasing levels of content, making your content stand out can become a real challenge but this is the role of the advertising professional.

In an article on you can get some tips on driving a successful performance advertising campaign.

Some of the tips includes,

  1. Having clearly defined objectives
  2. Remember who you’re targeting
  3. Tweak your marketing analytics
  4. Understand the customer journey


Do Women Need to “Act Like a Man” to Make It in Advertising?

women in advertA recent article on discussed the dismal numbers of women executives in the advertising industry and whether or not the industry had moved past its chauvinistic past.

One of the most interesting dilemmas that women in advertising find themselves facing is whether to embrace the male culture or remain themselves. In other words, golf trips, steak dinners, drinking, box suites at sporting events which are common in the industry among males, should women force themselves to participate in these activities to get ahead?

Is this a predicament you find yourself in? Read on at